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NASCA Elastomer

With the base point of planning and developing original compounds that meet the demand of the societyby leveraging our material design technology, we design and supply materials for various industries.


With the base point of planning and developing original compounds that "meet the demand of the society by leveraging our material design technology", we design and supply materials for various industries.


For a wide variety of interior and exterior products of automobiles, we supply compounds as per the requirements.

We design and manufacture various interior and exterior materials for automobiles as per the requirements of customers. We design formulation according to production methods and facilities of the respective automobiles manufacturer.


Using Banbury mixer, we manufacture high-dispersion and uniform highly-filled master batch.

We produce highly-filled master batch using various fillers. It has high alignment properties, and it can be used for a wide range of applications such as construction material plastic processed items. You can select the resin of your choice as binder. We can also adjust physical properties as per your application.



Special infill for high heat resistant and low cost.Because of our own production technology. We offer low cost high heat resistant infill.


FULXUS® is high-functionality compound product indigenously designed by us. It offers high degree of freedom for designing composition. Our top most objective is responding to and satisfying customers' requirements.

Styrene elastomer

Soft grade having simple composition made of SEBS, PP and plasticizer. It can be used for various applications including items with hardness A10 through 90 and more.

Its salient features are, it has excellent rubber elasticity and expansive force, and it has outstanding cold resistance, heat deterioration resistance, and weather resistance. Because it is colorless, any color can be applied. It is most suitable for camouflage and it is light weight compared to vulcanized rubber.


Olefin elastomer

We offer products with excellent design properties having matte finish and smooth texture like silk that gives luxurious feeling. It has same level of rubber elasticity as general rubber products, and it can be molded with the same processing method as thermoplastic resin.

It can be blended with TPO series and olefin resin, and products from rubber like properties to resin like properties can be obtained. Besides, it can also be recycled.


Natural material elastomer

This grade uses natural materials and recycled materials, and features of each material are imparted to the elastomer.

We can customize the materials that are used and their blending amount according to your preference.


Customer grade

For all grades, we can impart functionality and customize elastomer as per the customers' requirements such as physical properties adjustment and coloration. By making the final compound, you can expect improvement in work efficiency and stability of production.


Company Name
Nishida Art Specialty Composite America Inc.
Keith Nishida
Head Office / Manufacture
107 Prosperous Place Frankfort KY 40601
Business Description
  • Manufacturing and sales of thermoplastic elastomer "FULXUS®"
  • Manufacturing and sales of functional composite material
  • Manufacturing and sales of highly-filled master batch
Monthly production capacity
1,200 ton per month