"What can we do for the society through material design technology?"
With this as our sole mission and without relying on anything else,
we shall exude our presence with our unique style.
With the base point of planning and developing original compounds that “meet the demand of the society by leveraging our material design technology”, we design and supply materials for various industries.
We would like to find business opportunities in challenging projects such as extremely cost effective items that no one can make or very difficult items that no one can make, and we would like meet the requirements of such customers. Besides, we aim to become a manufacturer of functional materials having global outlook and fine balance between competitive edge and technical capabilities.


Company Name
Nishida Art Specialty Composite America Inc.
Keith Nishida
Head Office / Manufacture
107 Prosperous Place Frankfort KY 40601
Business Description
  • Manufacturing and sales of thermoplastic elastomer "FULXUS®"
  • Manufacturing and sales of functional composite material
  • Manufacturing and sales of highly-filled master batch