Quality Policy

We always have a conscious to continuously improve the quality, plan, design, and development of our products. We can always supply our products in the most economical manner such that the quality and speed of our product satisfies our customers.

At NASCA Elastomers, in order to offer products with stable quality, we have set rigorous standards for quality management. By training and educating all employees about quality management, staff members periodically verify the quality and manufacture stable quality products without any deviation.


Kneader and Pelletizer
Banbury Mixer (75 Lit.), Feeder Ruder (180 ml), Hot Cut Pelletizer, Pellet Cooler
Test and Measurement
Test Kneader (0.5 Lit.), Test Roller, Melt Indexer, Hardness Meter, Moisture Meter, Hydrometer, Tensile Tester